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    Professional Resume Writing Service

    Looking for your first job out of college or a new career with your graduate degree? Our HR Professionals and resume experts work with hiring managers on a daily basis and know what they are looking for in prospective candidates.

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    Curriculum Vitae Writing Service

    Applying to adjunct positions without response? Do you have a Master’s degree with years of experience in your field? Many positions in higher education do not require a terminal degree to teach undergraduate courses.

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    Mentoring Services

    Organizational leaders and researchers have noted that undergraduates entering the workforce for the first time typically lack the soft skills required to be successful in the workplace.To fill this gap, our researchers

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    College Prep for First-Time Students

    Research has shown that only 55 percent of students who begin an undergraduate degree finish within six years. At Academia Worldwide, our team utilizes the tools students have implemented at the pinnacle of higher education

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    Cover Letter Writing Service

    Experts have stated that HR professionals review cover letters longer than the resume or CV. In some industries, recruiters have stated they will not review resume or CV that does not include a cover letter.

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